After the successful premiere of ICAN in Germany with the I Half ICAN Nordhausen in 2013, and the development of the second edition in 2014 with an increase of 40% in the number of participants, the city is already preparing for the fourth edition that will take place on August 21th, 2016, and will have two modalities:
-Half (1,9 km of swim, 90 km of bike, 21 km of run).
-and the recently released modality ICAN64 (1 km of swim, 53 km of bike and 10 km of run).

This German city is located in the State of Thuringia, in the geographical centre of the country and at the feet of the Harz Mountains. A beautiful city with a population of over 45.000 people and that is at a distance of 273 kilometers from Berlin, 146 km from Hannover and 140 km from Leipzig. Among its monuments stands out the Roland statue, from the 17th Century, considered a symbol of the city. Nordhausen also has the Sacred Cross Cathedral (Dom Zum Heiligen Kreuz), built in the middle of the 10thCentury, the romance church of Frauenberger Kirche (St Maria auf dem Berg), the Saint Peter Tower (Petriturm) or the Kunsthaus Meyenburg, a villa of art nouveau built in the first years of the 20th Century that hosts a little contemporary art museum.

ICAN Nordhausen is possible thanks to the cooperation of the local authorities, especially the City Hall, together with the support of important sponsors like Kreissparkasse and the experience of Dr. Ulrich Konschak, a triathlete with a wide career in the long distance who is the race director and the person in charge of the design of a really spectacular course for the participants.

The triathletes will enjoy a perfectly signed and secure route with many aid stations that goes through such beautiful places as Sundhausen Lake (swim segment), the feet of the Harz Mountains (bike segment) and the nice streets and parks of the city to finish in the incomparable frame of Nordhausen Theatre.

Registrations are open!!!