History of triathlon as a sport

Triathlon combines three kinds of disciplines such as swimming, cycling and running. The first mention of the triathlon was in competitions in France in 1920, which resembled a team relay race, which consisted of a 3-kilometer run, a 12-kilometer bicycle race and a swim across the Marne Canal.

But these were only similar competitions to the modern triathlon. The main date for the appearance of the triathlon discipline is 1974. Friends who were professionals in each of the components of this sport decided to combine several disciplines into one sport. So they decided to organize a sports joint club and train.

First triathlon competition

The first triathlon sporting events were held in France, in which only 46 participants took part. From this we can say that initially the sport was not very popular. It took place in 1977. And only 4 years later, the European Championship in this discipline took place, which was held in Czechoslovakia. Due to the lack of professional athletes, even amateurs were admitted to the championships.

Anyone who was familiar with the rules of the competition could take part in the triathlon. Despite the fact that championships in this sport were already quite active, the International Triathlon Union was founded only in 1989. The purpose of this union was to get this discipline into the Olympic Games. In the same year, under the influence of the international triathlon union, the first world championship was held.

Triathlon Sequence Rules

By tradition, in Nordhausen these competitions always begin with swimming. The starting point in this swim is also the finish point. The swim takes place along a triangular route in Nordhausen. Athletes who violate the boundaries are punished by a penalty time up to disqualification. After overcoming this stage, a special place is allocated in the buffer zone, where the athlete changes clothes and proceeds to the next stage of the competition.

Swimming equipment in Nordhausen is always a special waterproof suit. The next stage of the competition is a bicycle race. A mandatory attribute of this discipline in Nordhausen should be a helmet and the number of the player who clings to the back. after completing a marathon on a bike. The race stage is considered completed if the sportsman brings his bike to a certain parking lot. There, he removes his helmet and flips his number over to his chest and begins the running leg, which is the final event of this discipline. Each stage has its own specific time limit. All sportsmens must invest in the time allotted for the stage in Nordhausen.

Injuries in triathlon as a sport

We’ve all seen running sports on television showing players who fall in marathons. Since this television, no one shows the athletes where they started. Many spectators around the world think that a strongman has run a certain number of kilometers and is being carried to the finish line by competing rivals. Nordhausen is no exception.

This is an excerpt from the last leg of a triathlon competition. After all, the real press loves only sensations; they don’t care about victories. Shows are important for ratings. Almost no one shows the first stage – swimming, where initially everyone is full of energy. The second stage – cycling enters the air only when the participants break the rules, creating obstacles to each other. Only the last stage is interesting for TV, where the players are completely exhausted, but still hungry for victory. You won’t see sportsmens on TV who collapse from exhaustion at the beginning or middle of a course.

The most curious moments occur closer to the finish line, where athletes fall, crawl, but do not give up. The most important injury in these wellness events is the complete exhaustion of the body. When running and cycling, if a person is without a headgear, then there is a high probability that he will receive sunstroke, which leads to a long rehabilitation. All stages in this discipline are designed in such a way that the tournament is safe for the lives of athletes in Nordhausen. since swimming used to be the last stage of a triathlon championship and athletes lost consciousness right in the water.

Interesting facts about the health benefits of triathlon

Triathlon classes for an athlete are considered rest, because from the ancient Greek language, rest means the transition from one activity to another.
The first main factor in the competition is the production of the hormone dopamine – happiness, it is an excellent cure for stress and depression. The second factor is self-control, which always calms and prioritizes the sportsman in the order he needs. The third factor is that athletes in these wellness events never suffer from insomnia because they get very tired. The main factor and motivation for an athlete is self-confidence.

Ultratriathlon – competition to the maximum in Nordhausen

Athletes who are willing to risk their lives take part in this sport. In all stages of the triathlon, the maximum distance that the players can go is suggested. In ultra-competitions, most of the athletes leave the race already at the second stage, sometimes without even reaching the finish line on a bicycle. This competition in Nordhausen is mostly amateur, so every resident of Nordhausen who wants to test themselves in this sport can take part under the close supervision of highly qualified specialists.

Thus, biathlon can be considered a useful sport. Because it develops the muscles of the whole body, including athletes from different sports, who can show themselves as winners not only in triathlon competitions, but also in each of these disciplines. This is a great incentive for those athletes who can quickly move from one competition to another without prejudice to their career. And also get victories in competitions in a few days. Agree, to become an athlete in this sport, you need to have significant talent. Therefore, not every athlete agrees to participate in this sport.